Richard Lethin


Richard Lethin is President at Reservoir Labs, leading R&D and product business for commercial and government clients.


Richard joined Reservoir in 1997 and shaped it into its current form. Richard’s vision was to enhance the positive social impact and success of high performance computing through delivering enabling solutions and products based on advanced compilers and algorithms. He is pleased to lead the curious and collegial team at Reservoir, proud of the innovations from its work, and grateful for the confidence and support of its customers.


Prior to joining Reservoir, Richard worked as a research assistant at MIT while working on his Ph.D., with the support of the Hertz Foundation. In this work, Richard contributed to the development and analysis of a massively parallel message-driven computing system for AI called the J-Machine, in Professor Bill Dally‘s Concurrent VLSI Architecture Group. Before his time at MIT, in the 1980’s Richard worked as the engineer responsible for the floating point data paths at the Yale spinout startup company Multiflow Computer, which introduced the TRACE mini-supercomputer, the world’s first of the now ubiquitous Very Large Instruction Word (VLIW) machines.


Richard has also contributed to the educational mission for the Electrical Engineering Department at Yale as a non-ladder faculty (currently Senior Lecturer) since 2000. He alternates each year between teaching VLSI Design and a course on the history and practice of computer architectures designed for AI.


Richard serves on the Department of Energy Office of Science’s Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee.

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