Jordi Ros-Giralt

Fellow & Managing Engineer

Jordi Ros-Giralt is a computer scientist with more than 18 years of industry and academic expertise in network optimization and high-performance computing. Jordi leads the high-performance networking team at Reservoir Labs focusing on the area of accelerating flow performance for high-speed networks. In his Ph.D. thesis, Jordi formulated and resolved the problem of max-min congestion control optimization for distributed networks, providing a theory and a suite of practical distributed protocols for unicast, multicast, multipath and discrete networks. Subsequently, he worked on the problems of high-speed packet processing and IP convergence, inventing and developing a seamless IP mobility protocol and an ad hoc, unmanned VoIP distributed system for mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). 


Jordi is also the inventor and developer of several high-performance lockless data structures for packet processing, most of which have been included in commercial products such as R-Scope®, Reservoir Labs’ high-performance cybersecurity appliance. More recently, Jordi discovered the presence of latent bottleneck structures in communication networks, the mathematical framework that forms the core engine of GradientGraph™, a technology developed by Reservoir Labs to help analyze and accelerate modern communication networks. 


Jordi is active both in academia and in the corporate world where he has helped to found several startups, with roles including CTO. He is the developer, founder and President of the platform that today brings educational laptops to more than 1,900 schools in more than 135 countries. Jordi is the 2017 Alan Turing Award for Social Impact recipient from the Computer Science Association of Catalonia. In 2019, he became a Fellow at Reservoir Labs. Jordi has published upwards of 50 papers in academic conferences and journals and is the inventor of 7 awarded patents and 6 patent-pending technologies. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and MBA from the University of California (UCI and UCLA), and a B.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering from BarcelonaTech.