Benoit Meister

Fellow & Managing Engineer

Benoit Meister received his Ph.D. from University of Strasbourg in 2004. He is an expert in the deployment of practical polyhedral mapping technology, and main developer of the R-Stream compiler. This includes both theoretical and applied aspects of the polyhedral model. As such, he created or improved just about every type of pass to be found in a practical polyhedral compiler. He is also a co-author of the TFRCC Python front-end, which optimizes TensorFlow codes using R-Stream, and the main author of R-QA, Reservoir’s high-productivity quality assurance tool. Among a long list of developments, Benoit worked on a MATLAB-like optimization framework prototype, implementing advanced optimizations such as Approximate Strength Reduction. He also pioneered the automatic generation of self-unfolding large-scale event-driven task codes, detailing some of the main scalability issues that one can encounter when targeting these programmatically.


During his time at Reservoir Benoit has also worked on several research and development projects involving LLVM and Clang, as well as data analytics. Benoit has brought many research projects to success as a Principal Investigator and is the author of many publications and patents.