Alon Agai

Business Manager

Alon sits in the Business Department and manages Reservoir’s recruiting and marketing efforts. His commitment to staffing Reservoir’s diverse set of projects with exceptional talent, coupled with his determination to ensure successful preparation and coordination of public-facing events and campaigns has been an integral part of the organization’s continued growth.


Alon joined Reservoir Labs in 2018 and brought with him strong operational, communication, and management skills developed in his prior roles across the recruiting, technology, and media industries. Before entering the workforce, Alon graduated from Tufts University with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Computer Science, where he focused on logic and ethics, and was a member of the Tisch Scholars Program for Public Service and Active Citizenship.


In addition to his passion for technology and business management, Alon is an avid outdoorsman, yoga hobbyist, and world traveler.

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