Reservoir Labs can provide research and development teams with unique expertise in computer architecture, compilers, algorithms, theory, and electronics.

Our staff has years of experience performing research and advanced computer science and electrical engineering degrees from top computer science programs.

We have particular expertise and a track record of successful development in compilers, networking, verification, and computer architecture.

We also make our team available for general computer systems research. Some of the ways that we use our systems research skills to help clients include:

  • developing new technologies to solve clients’ problems
  • framing solution requirements
  • determining the specific technology gap between solution requirements and the capabilities of existing technologies
  • establishing the potential of existing technologies, and generating new ways of using those technologies to fill the gap
  • integrating existing technologies to meet requirements
  • constructing experimental systems, test beds, and prototypes
  • modeling, simulating, analyzing, and evaluating systems
  • developing road maps for the evolution of technologies that relate to our clients’ businesses

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