Meeting the requirements—performance, power, reliability, and cost—of advanced applications requires not only high performance hardware, but also systems software that can optimize the execution of the application for that hardware. Reservoir specializes in such technologies, and offers the following services:

  • R-Check SCA: R-Check SCA simplifies and accelerates SCA-compliance testing for defense communication systems worldwide, shortening the timeframe for checking from weeks and months to hours.
  • Advanced Compiler Development Services: We have a track record of successfully developing advanced compilers for specific application domains as well as for novel computer architectures. These can be full custom compilers with novel optimizations or retargetings of standard or open source compilers such as LLVM and gcc. Reservoir also applies compiler technology in novel ways to application domains, software verification, and network processing.
  • Systems Research and Development Services: We can solve problems and create new technologies.

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