SCA Complete

Software Communications Architecture

SCA Complete shortens compliance testing time for SCA 2.2, SCA 2.2.2, and now SCA 4.1 from weeks and months to hours. Literally. It is the only turnkey source-code analysis tool specifically engineered for the SCA and used by the United States Government test authority.


The SCA is complex and includes requirements that cut across source code, CORBA® middleware IDL, and XML descriptor files. SCA Complete includes patented technology that simplifies SCA development by supporting integrated testing across file types, ensuring completeness and consistency. Tests can be tailored to individual components, packages, or whole assemblies. With both visual and scriptable interfaces, SCA Complete is engineered to integrate into a variety of development environments and workflows.


Issues are reported in the language of the SCA with direct links and references to the specification. The result is a seamless integration of reported violations that speeds you to correcting them so that the waveform is compliant.

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Core Capabilities

We're Proven at JTEL

The US Military’s JTNC Test and Evaluation Laboratory (JTEL) reports that using SCA Complete provided up to a 90% reduction in the time required to test key POSIX® and CORBA® requirements.

We're Highly Flexible

SCA Complete’s reporting flexibility enables reports to be automatically generated individually, or as a consolidated view. Our unified open XML schema supports built-in report generation in HTML,CSV, and text formats for easy viewing with open-source and commercial tools

We've Got You Covered

SCA Complete delivers 100% code coverage, parsing full ANSI C and C++ languages, CORBA middleware ID, and SCA XML descriptor files. Coverage includes all header files and even preprocessor-excluded code.

We're Powerful, yet Friendly

SCA Complete is a powerful static source code analysis tool that was designed for easy use by the software-defined radio (SDR) development community.It is easy to install, comes bundled with integrated help features and a comprehensive user guide, and is fully supported.

We Go With Your Flow

SCA Complete supports command-driven execution that can be scripted for easy integration with almost any development workflow including Eclipse-based tools such as NordiaSoft’s SCA Architect™. Its open end-to-end command-line interface also recognizes SCA files

We Make You a Compliance Hero

SCA Complete’s specific testing and validation tools let you flag non-compliance issues at the earliest stages of software development and address them well before software certification submissionYou become the compliance hero by reducing expensive dry-runs and iterative submissions for certification.

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