R-Solve™ helps you find solutions to highly complex evolving constraint systems at unprecedented scale and speed.

R-Solve is a powerful automated reasoning technology for solving complex constraint systems; it integrates multi-node HPC optimizations with Smart Repair, Reservoir’s technology for efficiently adapting to changing constraints. It is ideal for addressing dynamic problems in advanced planning and decision analysis, modeling and simulation, and verification.

Building on algorithmic advances in logical constraint solving that have led to a more than 1000x performance improvement since 2000, R-Solve helps you solve even the largest dynamic problems quickly. Service providers and municipalities can use R-Solve to improve incident response time by better coordinating interdependent, time-sensitive resources. Enterprises updating their networks can use R-Solve to quickly re-verify that new pathways do not lead to unintended security vulnerabilities.

R-Solve is a great technology for both defense and civilian applications because it integrates solving and optimization with Salt, a source language and compiler that supports more than 120 logic, arithmetic, and set-theoretic operators. Salt simplifies problem expression and further accelerates performance by capturing problem-specific meta-data that is ignored by off-the-shelf solvers.