Great research is at the core of everything we do.

Reservoir is actively involved in a variety of cutting-edge research projects that explore ways to solve dynamic systems and effectively compile real-world algorithms. We do work for and with numerous government institutions, and collaborate closely with other leading researchers and academics around the world.

Here are some key Reservoir technologies that have emerged from our research:

R-Scope® Advanced Threat Detection— A high speed network monitoring appliance, for extracting network metadata in support of cybersecurity missions.  R-Scope was developed in Department of Energy (DOE) funded projects and is now available as a product.  R-Scope includes special packet handling systems for robust performance under extreme network conditions, and is engineered for integration into corporate IT and security systems and use by professionals.  Research and development continues related to R-Scope with new features transitioning to the product as they are completed.

R-Stream® — High-level parallelizing compiler technology, based on the polyhedral model, that enables algorithm developers to write program logic once in a concise and clear high level form, and then use R-Stream to produce optimized source code for multiple parallel computing architectures.  R-Stream was funded in Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Energy (DOE) research projects.

ENSIGN® – Cutting-edge hypergraph analysis technology for Big Data applications spanning security, finance, geospace, and biology.

Advanced Mathematics – Reservoir has developed several new algorithms that provide asymptotic improvements in performance and efficiency, and new capabilities, for sending and high performance computing applications.  These include Generalized Compressive Processing (GCP) and the Sparse Multidimensional FFT (sMFFT).

R-Solve™ – An automated reasoning technology that addresses dynamic problems in advanced planning and decision analysis, modeling and simulation.

Please see our publications page for papers and results related to these technologies.