Efficient Packet Forwarding Using Cyber-Security Aware Policies

Publication Source: Patent US9613163B2

For balancing load, a forwarder can selectively direct data from the forwarder to a processor according to a loading parameter. The selective direction includes forwarding the data to the processor for processing, transforming and/or forwarding the data to another node, and dropping the data. The forwarder can also adjust the loading parameter based on, at least in part, feedback received from the processor. One or more processing elements can store values associated with one or more flows into a structure without locking the structure. The stored values can be used to determine how to direct the flows, e.g., whether to process a flow or to drop it. The structure can be used within an information channel providing feedback to a processor.
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Methods and Apparatus for Joint Scheduling and Layout Optimization to Enable Multi-level Vectorization

Publication Source: Patent US9489180B1

Methods, apparatus and computer software product for source code optimization are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a first custom computing apparatus is used to optimize the execution of source code on a second computing apparatus. In this embodiment, the first custom computing apparatus contains a memory, a storage medium and at least one processor with at least one multi-stage execution unit. The second computing apparatus contains at least one vector execution unit that allow for parallel execution of tasks on constant-strided memory locations. The first custom computing apparatus optimizes the code for parallelism, locality of operations, constant-strided memory accesses and vectorized execution on the second computing apparatus. This Abstract is provided for the sole purpose of complying with the Abstract requirement rules. This Abstract is submitted with the explicit understanding that it will not be used to interpret or to limit the scope or the meaning of the claims.
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Systems and Methods for Parallelizing and Optimizing Sparse Tensor Computations

Publication Source: Patent US9471377B2

A scheduling system can schedule several operations for parallel execution on a number of work processors. At least one of the operations is not to be executed, and the determination of which operation or operations are not to be executed and which ones are to be executed can be made only at run time. The scheduling system partitions a subset operations that excludes the one or more operation that are not to be executed into several groups based on, at least in part, an irregularity of operations resulting from the one or more operation that are not to be executed. In addition, the partitioning is based on, at least in part, locality of data elements associated with the subset of operations to be executed or loading of the several work processors.
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System, Apparatus and Methods to Implement High-Speed Network Analyzers

Publication Source: Patent US9185020B2

Systems, apparatus and methods for the implementation of high-speed network analyzers are provided. A set of high-level specifications is used to define the behavior of the network analyzer emitted by a compiler. An optimized inline workflow to process regular expressions is presented without sacrificing the semantic capabilities of the processing engine. An optimized packet dispatcher implements a subset of the functions implemented by the network analyzer, providing a fast and slow path workflow used to accelerate specific processing units. Such dispatcher facility can also be used as a cache of policies, wherein if a policy is found, then packet manipulations associated with the policy can be quickly performed. An optimized method of generating DFA specifications for network signatures is also presented. The method accepts several optimization criteria, such as min-max allocations or optimal allocations based on the probability of occurrence of each signature input bit.
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Cross-Format Analysis of Software Systems

Publication Source: Patent US9134976B1

In various implementations of a software analysis system, compliance checking is facilitated by analyzing different characteristics of a software system to be developed, and by comparing the information extracted from these analysis. Two or more characteristics may be expressed in different formats or languages, and the descriptions of one or more of these characteristic may be incomplete.
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