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High-performance Packet Path Accelerator

Providing high-performance capture, R-Core is the ultimate packet forwarding engine. R-Core supports DPDK and leverages its powerful HW acceleration capabilities from multiple application instances, including Zeek and Suricata workers. R-Core combines lightning-fast performance features such as zero packet copy, proprietary queuing and lockless data structures, and kernel bypass with options for fine-grained control of NUMA affinity and CPU core pinning. Although application-specific performance varies, benchmarks demonstrate that at input rates of 10Gbps, R-Core’s optimizations increase application performance up to 500% while packet drops are reduced up to 200%.

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Core Capabilities


Tailor resources to applications. Flexibly adjust the amount of compute and memory allocated to ensure the application performance requirements are satisfied while avoiding wasting resources.


Support for HW-accelerated filtering to allow further speedups by offloading traffic from the CPU. This feature includes support for SW-fallback.

NUMA Coherency

Maximize performance by ensuring all memory accesses are performed on the local NUMA node.

End-to-end Lockless Architecture

Avoid slowdowns from memory contention by ensuring that no shared data structure needs to be locked.


Increase the number of application workers while avoiding bottlenecks across the pipeline.

Support for DPDK

Leverage hardware-aided packet acceleration and utilize state-of-the-art NICs.

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