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Systems and Methods for Minimizing Communications

Muthu M. Baskaran, Thomas Henretty, Ann Johnson, Athanasios Konstantinidis, M. H. Langston, Janice O. McMahon, Benoit J. Meister, Paul D. Mountcastle, Aale Naqvi, Benoit Pradelle, Tahina Ramananandro, Sanket Tavarageri, Richard A. Lethin
Publication Source: Patent US20160196086A1

A system for allocation of one or more data structures used in a program across a number of processing units takes into account a memory access pattern of the data structure, and the amount of total memory available for duplication across the several processing units. Using these parameters duplication factors are determined for the one or more data structures such that the cost of remote communication is minimized when the data structures are duplicated according to the respective duplication factors while allowing parallel execution of the program.
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