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Systems and Methods for Efficient Targeting

Muthu M. Baskaran, Thomas Henretty, Ann Johnson, Athanasios Konstantinidis, M. H. Langston, Janice O. McMahon, Benoit J. Meister, Paul D. Mountcastle, Aale Naqvi, Benoit Pradelle, Tahina Ramananandro, Sanket Tavarageri, Richard A. Lethin
Publication Source: Patent US10466349B2

A system for determining the physical path of an object can map several candidate paths to a suitable path space that can be explored using a convex optimization technique. The optimization technique may take advantage of the typical sparsity of the path space and can identify a likely physical path using a function of sensor observation as constraints. A track of an object can also be determined using a track model and a convex optimization technique.
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