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Systems and Methods for Efficient Determination of Task Dependences After Loop Tiling

Muthu M. Baskaran, Thomas Henretty, Ann Johnson, Athanasios Konstantinidis, M. H. Langston, Janice O. McMahon, Benoit J. Meister, Paul D. Mountcastle, Aale Naqvi, Benoit Pradelle, Tahina Ramananandro, Sanket Tavarageri, Richard A. Lethin
Publication Source: Patent US9613163B2

A compilation system can compile a program to be executed using an event driven tasks (EDT) system that requires knowledge of dependencies between program statement instances, and generate the required dependencies efficiently when a tiling transformation is applied. To this end, the system may use pre-tiling dependencies and can derive post-tiling dependencies via an analysis of the tiling to be applied.
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