Accelerated Low-Rank Updates to Tensor Decompositions

Tensor analysis (through tensor decompositions) is increasingly becoming popular as a powerful technique for enabling comprehensive and complete analysis of real-world data. In many critical modern applications, large-scale tensor data arrives continuously (in streams) or changes dynamically over time. Tensor decompositions over static snapshots of tensor data become prohibitively expensive due to space and computational bottlenecks, and severely limit the use of tensor analysis in applications that require quick response. Effective and rapid streaming (or non-stationary) tensor decompositions are critical for enabling large-scale real-time analysis. We present new algorithms for streaming tensor decomposi-tions that effectively use the low-rank structure of data updates to dynamically and rapidly perform tensor decompositions of continuously evolving data. Our contributions presented here are integral for enabling tensor decompositions to become a viable analysis tool for large-scale time-critical applications. Further, we present our newly-implemented parallelized versions of these algorithms, which will enable more effective deployment of these algorithms in real-world applications. We present the effectiveness of our approach in terms of faster execution of streaming tensor decompositions that directly translate to short response time during analysis.


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