Systems and Methods for Minimizing Communications

Publication Source: Patent US20160196086A1

A system for allocation of one or more data structures used in a program across a number of processing units takes into account a memory access pattern of the data structure, and the amount of total memory available for duplication across the several processing units. Using these parameters duplication factors are determined for the one or more data structures such that the cost of remote communication is minimized when the data structures are duplicated according to the respective duplication factors while allowing parallel execution of the program.
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Systems and Methods for Efficient Targeting

Publication Source: Patent US10466349B2

A system for determining the physical path of an object can map several candidate paths to a suitable path space that can be explored using a convex optimization technique. The optimization technique may take advantage of the typical sparsity of the path space and can identify a likely physical path using a function of sensor observation as constraints. A track of an object can also be determined using a track model and a convex optimization technique.
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Passive Tracking of Objects Using Bistatic Dual-Polarization Receivers

Publication Source: Patent US10451709B1

A system for detecting and/or tracking a moving object uses signals received from the object at two or more receivers, each of which is dual polarized. At each receiver, the component of the received signal associated with the polarization thereof is separated from the non-polarization-based component, and the modulation of the polarization-based component is used for locating and/or tracking the moving object.
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Systems and Methods for Solving Unrestricted Incremental Constraint Problems

Publication Source: Patent US10402747B2

We present the architecture of a high-performance constraint solver R-Solve that extends the gains made in SAT performance over the past fifteen years on static decision problems to problems that require on-the-fly adaptation, solution space exploration and optimization. R-Solve facilitates collaborative parallel solving and provides an efficient system for unrestricted incremental solving via Smart Repair. R-Solve can address problems in dynamic planning and constrained optimization involving complex logical and arithmetic constraints.
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Systems and Methods for Multiresolution Parsing

Publication Source: Patent US10313361B2

A multiresolution parser (MRP) can selectively extract one or more information units from a dataset based on the available processing capacity and/or the arrival rate of the dataset. Should any of these parameters change, the MRP can adaptively change the information units to be extracted such that the benefit or value of the extracted information is maximized while minimizing the cost of extraction. This tradeoff is facilitated, at least in part, by an analysis of the spectral energy of the datasets expected to be processed by the MRP. The MRP can also determine its state after a processing iteration and use that state information in subsequent iterations to minimize the required computations in such subsequent iterations, so as to improve processing efficiency.
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