Reservoir Labs Presents at HPEC 2019

On September 25 and 26, Reservoir Labs will present five papers at The IEEE 2019 High Performance Exascale Computing Conference (HPEC 2019) on topics of emerging interest including Graphs, Networks & Sparse Data, HPC, Advanced Sensing, and AI. The following papers will be presented: Combinatorial Multigrid: Advanced Preconditioners For Ill-Conditioned Linear SystemsFast Large-Scale Algorithm for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in 3D Media Fast and […]


Reservoir Labs Presents Polyhedral Tensor Schedulers at 2019 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation

Benoit Meister of Reservoir Labs presents a paper, Polyhedral Tensor Schedulers, during The 17th International Conference on High Performance Computing (HPCS 2019), July 15 – 19, in Dublin, Ireland. This new research allows us to automatically find and generate the complex parallel code needed for computing with tensors.  The technology utilizes the polyhedral model and […]