Reservoir Presents at 2019 SIAM Workshop on Network Science

At the 2019 SIAM Workshop on Network Science, Jordi Ros-Giralt will be presenting the poster “On the Bottleneck Structure of Positive Linear Programming“, addressing Reservoir Labs’ research and technology for communications traffic bottleneck and flow analysis for  optimization.  The poster illustrates the connection between positive linear programming (PLP) problems and network problem representations.  This research enables new polynomial-time optimization […]


Selective Packet Capture at High Speed Rates

On April 10, 2019, Dr. Jordi Ros-Giralt presents Reservoir Labs’ findings on Selective Packet Capture at High Speed Rates at the Zeek (Bro) Workshop at CERN, Switzerland. Reservoir discusses a workflow to perform selective packet capture using the Zeek sensor at very high speed rates and key data structures needed to efficiently perform this task. Request […]