Optimize Network Flows

GradientGraph (G2) Analytics uses the theory of bottleneck structures to create a mathematical model of communication networks. The model can be used to optimize networks in many different ways. Below you will find a few demonstrations of the capabilities offered by the G2 network optimization platform.

WAN Traffic Engineering "à la" Google Maps

Think of this as the Google Maps of communication networks. Use G2 Analytics to find in real-time optimal flow paths and ensure your flows stay within SLA compliance.

Network Modeling for Data Centers and 5G Edge Computing

Whether you are using a folded-Clos, a dragonfly, a jellyfish or any kind of topology, use the G2 Wind Tunnel to design efficient data center networks for the cloud and for 5G edge computing.

G2 Capacity Planning Lab for WAN Network Planning

Feed your NetFlow logs and use the theory of bottleneck structures to identify optimal upgrade plans for your Wide Area Network. Don't worry about the math, G2 packages that for you in a operator-friendly UI and Python REST API.

Stay tuned as Reservoir Labs continues to launch more try-out demos on the extended set of G2 network optimization modules!

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