Job Description

Reservoir Labs is seeking talented engineer, computer science, and mathematics interns to join our team. We are working on some of the most interesting and challenging problems related to high-performance computing and compilers, cyber security, advanced algorithms, and high-performance data analytics.

As a member of our team, you will participate directly in our research, learn new skills at the cutting edge of computer science, and gain visibility with our customers. You will work with engineers across diverse areas and will be mentored by a Ph.D. researcher. You will have the opportunity to share your fresh perspective and make strong contributions to our research and engineering team.

The concrete research and deep systems experience that you will gain working on projects at Reservoir will be especially beneficial to your application to graduate schools or search of full-time industry jobs.

An ideal candidate will have solid intellectual ability, motivation, and a strong history of achievement. Solid foundation in computer science or software engineering and strong math background (Linear Algebra, Algorithms, Numerical Analysis) are desired. Serious consideration will be given to candidates with strong programming skills (C, C++, and Java) and knowledge of computer systems and architectures. Passion for computer science research and application is a huge plus. Genuine interest in the spectrum of Reservoir’s projects is key, and the flexibility to move among them is essential.

About Reservoir Labs
Reservoir Labs is a private technology research and development company headquartered in New York City. Our mission is to make the world safer, cleaner, more secure, and more efficient through the application of radical high-performance computing technologies. Our engineers and computer scientists work on projects related to high-performance computing and compilers, cybersecurity, advanced algorithms, and high-performance data analytics. Reservoir has a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions to both government and commercial clients.

Reservoir Labs has offices in New York City and Portland:
• 632 Broadway, Suite 803, New York, NY
• 4380 SW Macadam Ave, Suite 365, Portland, OR

How to Apply
Please submit a resume and cover letter (PDFs) to

Reservoir Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce including individuals of all genders, ages, sexual orientations, nations, cultures, ethnic groups, veteran status, and physical abilities.