About Us

Research and Development, since 1990.

Reservoir Labs is a privately held technology and solutions company headquartered in New York City that’s earned the trust and respect of customers, partners and top-tier researchers around the globe. Our team of experts conducts thought-leading research, develops novel technologies, and creates highly useful advanced computing and communications products that serve the security and communications needs of Reservoir’s commercial and government customers.


Our mission is to make the world safer, cleaner, more secure and more efficient through the application of radical high-performance computing technologies. Since 1990, Reservoir has been actively involved in cutting-edge research projects for organizations working on novel high-performance systems. We leverage our expertise in advanced compilers, software verification and network security to create innovative turnkey commercial and government solutions that address critical science and security issues.


Roughly half of Reservoir’s employees hold a Ph.D. in either computer science or software engineering, and everyone at Reservoir thrives on opportunities to learn and create as we develop and deliver high performance computing and communications solutions. This is why — for more than 20 years — we’ve succeeded in breaking barriers and solving previously unsolvable problems.


We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent whose professional aspirations align with our mission. If you are interested in a career with Reservoir, please visit our careers page to learn more.