Alef Verification and Planning System

Recently, solvers for the Satisfiability problem (SAT) have become an enabling technology for diverse areas of military and commercial interest. However, solver performance, in terms of speed, maximum problem size, and efficiency, is a limiting factor to the more extensive application of this technology. This paper discusses Reservoir’s SAT-based planning

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R-Stream 3.0: Technologies for High Level Embedded Application Mapping

R-Stream is a High Level Compiler being developed as part of the DARPA IPTO Polymorphous Computer Architecture Program. The compiler is targeted at the problem of mapping high performance embedded signal/knowledge processing applications. Our 2.0 version, presented as a poster at HPEC last year, will be performing application mapping via

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Dynamic Optimization in the Mainframe World

The OOCT system implements dynamic optimization within a software emulation of Fujitsu’s K series mainframe architecture. OOCT compiles the instructions of the traditional K series operating system called ASP. The combined requirements of running below the OS and operating in a mainframe product restrict the features of OOCT on the

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