Presenting Keynote at Concurrent Collections Workshop (CNC ’21) on Parallel Programming Models

On October 27-28, the 13th Annual Concurrent Collections (CnC) Workshop will be held at the SUNY Global Center in NYC, emphasizing parallel programming models for mainstream programmers that philosophically differs from other approaches.  

The morning of Thursday, October 28, Reservoir Labs’ Dr. Muthu Baskaran gives a Keynote Talk from 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM titled “Automatic Optimization and Code Generation for Asynchronous Task-Based Runtimes” (abstract below).

The workshop is a forum for researchers and developers to interact on issues related to parallel programming models.  The CnC conference’s full itinerary can be found here.  The conference is open to in-person as well as virtual attendance.  Please contact us with any questions about the event or Dr. Baskaran’s work.  


Asynchronous task-based programming has become a popular parallel programming model, offering advantages such as better extraction of available parallelism, dynamic load balancing, and improved scalability. For productivity, performance, and code sustainability reasons, there is an increasing demand for auto-parallelizing and optimizing compilers to generate code using task-based models. In this talk, we present our work that delivers an end-to-end path for optimization and code generation for asynchronous task-based systems using R-Stream, an auto-parallelizing polyhedral compiler. We also discuss the key aspects of our compiler to generate task-based parallelism and data management for a broader class of task-based runtimes that includes (but not limited to) Legion, Kokkos, OpenMP, and PaRSEC. We give an overview of the benefits of our compiler support that provides improved developer productivity and application performance.