Reservoir Labs Presents at SIGCOMM 2021 on Routing, Network, and Data Center Design

Dr. Jordi Ros-Giralt, Fellow, and Noah Amsel, Research Engineer at Reservoir Labs, present “Designing Data Center Networks Using Bottleneck Structures,” at the flagship annual conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM), Tuesday, August 24th, at 12:50pm EST during Technical Session 6: Datacenter Networks.

Data centers are some of the largest centrally-managed networks in the world, responsible for storing, computing and distributing large amounts of data. Driven by ever increasing machine-to-machine workloads, network researchers and architects have focused on identifying data center topologies and designs that are able to scale and deliver high performance at low cost. GradientGraph (G2) provides a new paradigm to identify optimal network designs based on communication requirements.

Visit the GradientGraph Demo page to see what’s possible with G2 for your network.

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