Reservoir Labs Presents New Research at IEEE HPEC 2020

The 2020 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference, happening virtually from September 22 – 24, will feature novel, breakthrough research on an array of Reservoir Labs’ R&D including R-Stream, ENSIGN, and Algorithms. Reservoir engineers will be presenting their findings during the following sessions:


Monday, September 21


Session 1-2: High Performance Data Analysis Session (12:30-13:45 EDT)
Large–scale Sparse Tensor Decomposition Using a Damped Gauss–Newton Method (see paper)
Multiscale Data Analysis Using Binning, Tensor Decompositions, and Backtracking (see paper)


Session 1-3: Multicore Software Technologies Session (14:15-15:30 EDT)
Automatic Mapping and Optimization to Kokkos with Polyhedral Compilation (see paper)


Tuesday, September 22



Session 2-4: Big Data & Distributed Computing 1 Session (15:45-17:00 EDT)
Approximate Inverse Chain Preconditioner: Iteration Count Case Study for Spectral Support Solvers (see paper)


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