Reservoir Labs at SuriCon 2019: Running Suricata on DPDK

On October 30 – November 1, 2019 at SuriCon in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Reservoir Labs presents a poster session on mCore: Running Suricata on DPDK.

Presenting mCore™, a vendor independent, high-performance packet forwarding engine. mCore runs on any DPDK-capable NIC and forwards packets from the NIC to parallel applications, including Suricata and Zeek.  Performance optimizations include (1) kernel bypass, (2) zero packet copy, (3) lockless data structures, (4) NUMA affinity, (5) CPU/core affinity/pinning and (6) multi-core elastic scalability using receive side scaling (RSS).  The poster highlights key architectural design features and offers insight to specific use cases illustrating parallel processing across multiple engines while avoiding packet copy overhead.  

Dr. Ros-Giralt will be available throughout the conference to discuss mCore and explore its application with conference attendees.

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