Reservoir Labs R-Scope and ENSIGN cybersecurity technologies for Tbps network at SCinet 2017

Logo for SCinet, the supercomputing conference's network, where Reservoir is installing the R-Scope systemReservoir Labs is proud to be able to be part of the team that will build and operate SCinet at the Supercomputing 2017 conference.  SCinet is an extremely high-performance network, bringing in several dozen 100 Gbps feeds from around the world.

The Supercomputing conference supports thousands of exhibitors and 10’s of thousands of conference attendees with network service.  Many of the industry, academic, and labs exhibitors are running 100 Gbps feeds to the show floor to demonstrate their technologies and to run collaborative experiments. This year the switching capacity of SCinet will be several 10’s of Terabits per second and the SCinet team is planning for peak traffic exceeding many Tbps. 

Security at SCinet is an interesting challenge because the network has no firewall!  Reservoir is contributing a cluster of R-Scope systems to perform metadata extraction and to operationalize threat intelligence, and will be running ENSIGN as part of SCinet’s research exposition.  Reservoir’s Managing Engineers Alan Commike, Muthu Baskaran and Tom Henretty will be contributing expertise and time to the effort; Alan Commike is running SCinet security and Muthu and Tom will be running ENSIGN and testing new technologies that we are developing in a DOE ASCR sponsored SBIR effort.   Please contact us to arrange to visit us at SCinet; to see R-Scope and ENSIGN in operation and to get a tour of SCinet.

For more information about SCinet, please see the Q&A with SCinet’s chair Jeffrey Schwab.

For more information about R-Scope, please visit the R-Scope page.  Please try the Community Edition of the R-Scope VM, available free.