IEEE HPEC ’16: Reservoir Labs Presentations

At the upcoming IEEE HPEC 2016 Conference, Reservoir Labs will share new approaches and techniques from the past year, addressing key developments and insights into high performance embedded computing. Please join us for our fourteenth year at this premier conference. Reservoir Labs’ experts will present the following research on September 15–17, 2016 at Westin Waltham Hotel in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Wednesday, September 14
Graphs & Sparse Data 1 (10:20AM – 12:00PM)
Eden Vale C1
A Sparse Multi-Dimensional Fast Fourier Transform with Stability to Noise in the Context of Image Processing and Change Detection
Dr. Pierre-David Letourneau, Dr. M. Harper Langston, Dr. Richard Lethin

High Performance & Cloud Computing 1 (10:20AM – 12:00PM)
Eden Vale C3
High-Performance Algorithms and Data Structures to Catch Elephant Flows
Dr. Jordi Ros-Giralt, Dr. Alan Commike, Dr. Richard Lethin, Sourav Maji, Malathi Veeraraghavan (University of Virginia)

Graphs & Sparse Data 2 (1:00PM – 2:40PM)
Eden Vale C1
Accelerated Low-Rank Updates to Tensor Decompositions
Dr. Muthu Baskaran, Dr. M. Harper Langston, Dr. Tahina Ramananandro, David Bruns-Smith, Dr. Tom Henretty, Dr. James Ezick, Dr. Richard Lethin

Thursday September 15
GPU & Manycore 2 (1:00PM – 2:40PM)
Eden Vale A1
Polyhedral Compilation for Energy Efficiency
Dr. Benoit Pradelle, Dr. Tom Henretty, Dr. Benoit Meister, Dr, Athanasios Konstantinidis, Dr. Richard Lethin

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