NordiaSoft Technologies Pave the Way to SCA Certification for GateHouse

3/10/2014 SCHAUMBURG, Ill., /PRNewswire/ — NordiaSoft, a leader in solutions for the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and Software Defined Radios (SDR), revealed today that its technologies played a pivotal role for GateHouse to achieve SCA-compliance for the BGAN SDR waveform. GateHouse announced earlier this year that it received SCA compliance certification from the Joint Tactical Radio System Test and Evaluation Laboratory (JTRS JTEL) for its BGAN SDR waveform. The waveform was developed in cooperation with Inmarsat. BGAN SDR allows the global government market to support the full suite of BGAN bearers, such as packet switched data, circuit switched data and Integrated Services for Digital Network (ISDN). NordiaSoft offers the SCARI Software Suite, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in use worldwide for the creation of SCA-compliant platforms. The experts at NordiaSoft have been involved with the development of the SCA specification since the very beginning. Compliance started a decade ago for the NordiaSoft crew when they implemented the first and only SCA-compliant open-source reference implementation (SCA RI) Core Framework. This work was done for the Wireless Innovation Forum (then SDR Forum) and the Joint Tactical Networking Center (then JTRS Program Office). Ever since, the SCARI Software has evolved with compliance being of paramount importance. The NordiaSoft modeling tool, SCA Architect, generates SCA-compliant source code from graphical models so developers don’t need to worry about compliance. To ensure ease of validation and certification, SCA Architect also offers seamless integration with Reservoir Lab’s R-Check® SCA, the static source code analysis tool used by JTEL for SCA compliance testing. R-Check SCA enables developers to validate their business logic against the SCA requirements throughout the development process. Over the years, a number of customers using the SCARI Software Suite have been through compliance testing with great success. GateHouse is the latest example of how the NordiaSoft solution paves the way to certification. “We had a very successful experience with JTEL, the entire SCA and API implementation verification took only 4 days,” said Program Manager Claus Krohn Vesterholt. “Generating SCA-compliant code from models really works!” GateHouse and Inmarsat have created the very first SCA-compliant commercial satellite communications waveform. “This landmark event is an important step forward for the SCA community as a whole, ” says Steve Bernier, CEO/CTO, NordiaSoft. About NordiaSoft NordiaSoft offers products and services for customers that need to create state of the art software defined platforms for use in the military/aerospace, telecommunications, robotics, instrumentation, transportation, and consumer electronics industries. Founded as a Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) spin-off, NordiaSoft’s core team has led a decade-long list of industry firsts in SCA technologies now embedded in thousands of hardware products. As experts in software components for embedded systems, NordiaSoft offers proven solutions to developers creating next generation platforms. NordiaSoft’s solution is built on CRC’s trusted SCA modeling tools and Core Framework, the first commercial-off-the-shelf Core Framework to have been deployed on military radios in the battlefield. Thousands of military radios, worldwide, rely on the SCARI technology. NordiaSoft’s team is recognized for its client-focused philosophy and offers exceptional technical support, mentoring, and consulting. More info at About GateHouse GateHouse specializes in technical software development and system integration for advanced satellite communications and tracking systems. GateHouse is the leading independent provider of complete embedded software for Inmarsat BGAN terminals, providing software to the majority of BGAN terminal manufacturers, and a Software Defined Radio competence centre providing a BGAN waveform. The generic software tracking platform, ghTrack®, supports daily the tracking of more than 150.000 unique units worldwide and is a solid foundation for any tracking, monitoring and control solution of the future. Furthermore, GateHouse offers consultancy services in the defence market. More info at About Reservoir Labs Privately owned and in business since 1990, Reservoir Labs ( is a leader in advanced compiler, network, and reasoning technologies with an emphasis on mapping innovative algorithms to emerging high-performance and embedded computers. Reservoir Labs provides custom solutions, innovative technology products, and leading-edge research and development services to government and commercial clients. Reservoir Labs is headquartered in New York, NY. © 2013 Reservoir Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. R-Check® is a registered trademark of Reservoir Labs, Inc. SOURCE NordiaSoft

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