Reservoir Labs to Participate in SCinet at Supercomputing 2013

Reservoir Labs’ R-Scope® DOMINATE-T will be installed as part of SCinet, the primary high performance network infrastructure built each year for Supercomputing exhibitors to highlight high speed computing, networking, applications, and collaborations. SCinet also serves as a means for leading networking vendors to work together to showcase the interoperability, functionality, and performance of their equipment for the intense traffic loads presented by the equipment on the show floor and connections to the largest supercomputing facilities worldwide. Reservoir’s R-Scope will be part of the cybersecurity effort at SCinet, providing Advanced Network Threat detection for the show network at up to 100 Gbps traffic rates.R-Scope® Network Security Appliances are scalable, agile systems for deploying real-time threat detection and network monitoring solutions scaling to 100 Gbps and beyond. R-Scope leverages the state-of-the-art Bro language to empower cyber-security professionals with the vital situational awareness and threat intelligence necessary to combat today’s advanced cyber attacks. R-Scope’s high-performance 1U low power appliances are pre-configured, tested, and tuned for rapid integration and deployment into existing network security infrastructures. The Reservoir team will be working in the SCinet “tank” (the glass windowed large exhibit space) with the rest of the SCinet team throughout the show, and we’d love to demonstrate and discuss R-Scope technology with you. If you want to meet with us, come over to the tank, booth 2132, and bang on the glass and look for our Reservoir red shirts. Just kidding – don’t bang on the glass. Please contact us online or by phone at (212) 780-0527 to set up a time to meet with us at Supercomputing 2013 to discuss employment opportunities, potential collaborations, products, or consulting services.

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