Reservoir Labs advances state of the art in software development for GPUs

09/21/10 R-Stream® Parallelizing C Compiler Introduces Support for Automatic Generation and Optimization of CUDA Code GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, CA – 9/21/10 –– Reservoir Labs today announced the inclusion of support for GPUs in its R-Stream Parallelizing C Compiler. R-Stream now offers software developers the ability to compile their high performance application C code and automatically generate parallel, optimized code for NVIDIA GPUs without the need to program a single line of CUDA. Reservoir Labs made the announcement at the GTC “Emerging Companies Summit,” an event for developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry analysts and other professionals. Software developers can now more easily achieve maximum performance and scalability on GPUs with minimal programming complexity, letting them concentrate on algorithmic advances rather than processor architecture peculiarities. Further, applications can be deployed and maintained across new generations of GPUs quickly and easily without the need for additional porting expense. R-Stream is Reservoir Lab’s flagship high level C compiler technology delivering automatic parallelization and optimization of C code for high performance multi-core and accelerator system architectures. Currently in use by commercial and government customers, R-Stream allows companies to bring new innovations to market more quickly and at higher quality with reduced development, porting and maintenance costs. R- Stream uses advanced polyhedral mathematics to address a broad range of programs that can be automatically parallelized and takes advantage of critical hardware attributes to optimize code for the target architectures. R-Stream currently supports x86, Tilera, GPU, ClearSpeed, and FPGA architectures. About Reservoir Labs Privately owned and in business since 1990, Reservoir Labs specializes in advanced compiler, network, and reasoning technologies with an emphasis on mapping innovative algorithms to emerging high-performance and embedded architectures. R-Stream® Parallelizing C Compiler Introduces Support for Automatic Generation and Optimization of CUDA Code We provide custom solutions, innovative technology products, and leading-edge consulting and advanced research and development services to our government and commercial clients.

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