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High-Performance Computing

Advanced computing hardware and systems require advanced compilers. Learn more about our boutique solutions powered by decades of innovation.


Providing solutions based on rock solid, enterprise-class, high speed network sensing and spectral hypergraph analytics - using advanced algorithms and mathematics to give experts an advantage.


Based on breakthrough research, explore our suite of technologies addressing network flow optimization and packet path acceleration.



Our team has developed foundational technology in some of the most advanced compilers, commercial and open source, in use today.

Data Analytics

Cutting-edge hypergraph analysis technology for Big Data spanning security, finance, geospatial applications, and biology.


Advanced mathematics for new algorithms with asymptotic advantages, for problems in data analytics, sensing, and cognitive systems.

Recent Publications

Efficient and scalable computations with sparse tensors

In a system for storing in memory a tensor that includes at least three modes, elements of the tensor are stored in a mode-based order for improving locality of references when the elements are accessed during an operation on the tensor. To facilitate efficient data reuse in a tensor transform

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Static Versioning in the Polyhedral Model

We present an approach to enhancing the optimization process in a polyhedral compiler by introducing compile-time versioning, i.e., the production of several versions of optimized code under varying assumptions on its run-time parameters. We illustrate this process by enabling versioning in the polyhedral processor placement pass. We propose an efficient

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